Nipper Safe is a Member Protection Strategy developed by collaboration between the South Australia Police and Surf Life Saving SA, with support from Children Family and Youth Services, the Sexual Offender Treatment and Assessment Program and the Office for Recreation and Sport.

It has a very simple objective to reinforce surf lifesaving nippers as a safe and positive environment for children to learn and develop.

Police Checks

For all those who wish to be involved in the training, management or care of these children you have to be a member and complete a Police Clearance – this is to protect our children.

For more information about the program, click on this link.

For more information about the accreditation process and a copy of the form, click on the following link;

Take the form to the Police and get it signed and authorised;

  • Bring to the Club for the President to sign
  • Submit form for processing
  • On receiving your certificate show the Club President so your number record can be recorded.

Nipper Safe

Surf Life Saving has developed a program called Nipper Safe, which is a program designed to protect the younger members of our organisation.

Nipper Safe is a joint initiative between the SA Police and SLSSA and it has gone about training some of our members in things such as:

  • what is a paedophile; how do you recognise one, what are their characteristics;
  • what you should do if you are suspicious about anything you have seen;
  • what are your personal responsibilities as a mandated reporter.

Each club has had carefully selected members complete a mandated reporting training course, as well as a short training course developed by SA Police and Child Youth and Family Services specifically designed for SLSSA. These members are called Club Reporting Officers.

If you, as a parent, member, age group leader, have the slightest suspicion about any of the children you see at nippers, then you are encouraged to speak to one of our Club Reporting Officers.

The Somerton Club Reporting Officers are:

  • Rob McBride
  • Sally Mainsbridge
  • Margie Brown
  • Gary Irvine
  • Melissa Millsteed

You are encouraged to speak to any of these people if you have any concerns about child abuse of any form. The abuse could be:

  • physical – a physical injury resulting from practices such as hitting, punching, beating or otherwise harming the child/young person
  • emotional – damage to a child’s self-esteem or social competence through chronic negative behaviour directed at them
  • carnal – when someone in a position of power to the child or young person uses their power to involve the child/young person in a molestation activity of any nature
  • neglect – failing to provide for the child/young person’s basic needs, including safety

All reports are STRICTLY Confidential.

The Board of Management of the Somerton Surf Life Saving Club encourages everyone to report any suspicion of child abuse either to the Child Abuse Report Line direct on 13 14 78 or to one of the Club Reporting Officers listed above.
Patrolling surf life savers are mandated by LAW to report, however, all other members of our club have a moral obligation to do the same.