SomerSquad is a name given to the collective youth from 15 to 20 years old although
the age boundaries are a little blurred as participants love it so much, they don’t want to graduate. The SomerSquad youth group was formed in 2012 and is the brainchild of James McBride and Sarah Hosking who were desperate to give the kids graduating from nippers some focus and purpose as they moved into their Senior years.

SomerSquad’s achievements include:

  • Service to our club. There is a core group of us that just can’t shake the Saturday afternoon routine, and love to support our nippers. Our juniors appreciate the care and guidance of their older ‘siblings’, not to mention the great job that they do providing essential water cover on both Saturdays and carnivals. It also keeps us in touch with our juniors. And we rattled our tins for the SLSSA door-knock appeal. Somerton hosted the first junior carnival for 2014 and in our usual style we put on a huge day and SomerSquad were all over it, manning the donut maker, the yiros station, the slushy machine and the photo booth. It wouldn’t have been the success it was without the generosity and hard work of our young team.
  • Training and competing. Almost everyone has committed to some form of training and is embracing senior carnivals. We’re still discovering new surf disciplines, and our craft is getting a fresh workout. In true SomerSquad style, we’re blending the serious and the fun. Last year we enjoyed a morning of stand-up-paddle-boarding, we conducted an oar-swim race, a grown-up wade relay and water-grid-iron, not to mention the SACA beach cricket comp, and of course the highly dangerous beach chariot racing. Again our young senior members are enjoying training and competing and Somerton are notching up some impressive results. It’s a great problem to have when our achievements are too many to list. Check out our Annual Report for a full list of Competition Results. Suffice to say that SomerSquad applauds its stars
  • If ever you fancy organising a little event, and are anticipating and relying on a small and manageable number, do NOT invite SomerSquad! Socialising is what we’re best at! The season kicked off with a night of laser-skirmish. The size of our group was both encouraging and frightening, but great to see so many friends so keen to shoot each other! We are honing our Reverse Charades skills ready for an impending tournament. In 2014/15, we kicked off with a trip to Bounce; lots of fun, no injuries, a bit of bonding and free sticky socks – What more could you ask of a good night out? We also enjoyed a weekend away at the Chiton Rocks Surf Life Saving Club, which was a great success and will no doubt happen again soon. We took a massive group and stayed for two nights. Chiton is an extremely different club to ours on a very different stretch of beach. It’s a lot of fun and an all-round great experience. Everyone pitches in, we bond, we relax, play endless UNO and we patrol their beach.
  • Community Service – SomerSquad sits high on the list of the go-to clubs when SLSSA Surf Central needs a hand. In 2014/15, SomerSquad members worked two days rattling tins at The Adelaide Zoo to help raise much needed funds for Surf Life Saving SA. We are always happy to respond to a call for support, and we should be justly proud that our Head Office think of us and turn to us.

SomerSquad Today – The dynamic of this group just gets better and better. This season, 2015/16, we welcome a great new bunch, last year’s Under 14s. We have exciting plans already so come on down to Somerton and see what SomerSquad is all about.