At Somerton SLSC, we take life saving very seriously. Our members have many opportunities to further their skills or pass on their lifesaving knowledge to others.

Patrolling at Somerton involves a couple of days a month during the life saving season. Somerton SLSC is responsible for patrolling the area of beach and water from the Brighton Jetty (King Street) to the Broadway, Glenelg South, on weekend and public holiday afternoons between October and April.

Patrols are a great way to spend time at the beach, and do not require too much work, only vigilance. A patrol group consists of around 8-12 people, including a captain and vice-captain responsible for leading the patrol.

Surf Life Saving Qualifications

Once you are a Somerton member, there are a number of qualifications you can gain, starting with the Bronze Medallion, which is the prerequisite for all patrolling and competing members. If you’re aged between 13 and 15 years, you can do the Surf Rescue Certificate (SRC), which is a stepping stone to the Bronze Medallion and allows you to join a patrol group.

Our key courses are listed below. Our Chief Instructor will let club members know of any other courses as they become available. To make sure you’re always up to date, please keep your SLSSA Members’ Area details up to date and check the Somerton Facebook page regularly.

For more information about any of our qualifications or courses, please email