Each Bronze Medallion and SRC member must complete skills maintenance (formerly known as proficiency)  each year to patrol or compete. Other awards also have skills maintenance requirements.

Skills Maintenance

Online component (access through your members’ area account)

  • answer the questions posted for the season for all the awards you hold
  • ensure all of your required courses (First Aid), checks (police, Working With Children) are in date
  • book into a physical skills maintenance session

Physical component

  • 200 m run, 200 m swim, 200 m run in less than 8 minutes (Bronze)
  • 100 m run, 100 m swim, 100 m run in less than 5 minutes (SRC)
  • Signals test
  • Complete a board or tube rescue as determined by the assessor
  • Demonstrate CRP
  • Demonstrate radio skills
  • Complete a team rescue scenario with lift (Bronze)