Somerton Surf Club – there’s something for everyone

Whether a family enrolling children in nippers, a champion athlete, a beach lover or someone who enjoys the magnificent surrounds of the Somerton foreshore, the Somerton Surf Club has something to offer. New members will find the atmosphere of the club very inviting, and provide a basis for meeting many new friends, keeping fit and performing a great community service.

Somerton Surf Club is especially renowned for its “family friendly” environment; the kids can join in the nippers program while Mum and Dad can become Age Group Managers, water cover, sell merchandise or BBQ chef, there’s something for everyone.

Somerton Surf Club has a number of membership options for individuals and families. The option you choose will depend on how you would like to be involved with the club. Award holding members (Surf Rescue Certificate or Bronze Medallion or First Aid) patrol the beach at Somerton from October through to Easter.

Juniors: Age 5 to under 13 years

Our Junior or “Nipper” program is designed to teach children beach awareness and safety along with competition skills.

Youth: Age 13 to under 18 years

Our Youth or “Somersquad” program is the start of a young person’s journey to become an active patrolling member. Starting with the Surf Rescue Certificate (SRC) which is available to anyone over the age of 13. A prerequisite to training for the SRC is swimming 200 metres in under 5 minutes as well as basic CPR. Upon successful completion of the SRC the youth is given their surf life saving uniform and they are then put on a patrol roster. Once a youth member is  15  they are able to train for their Bronze Medallion. This qualification requires the participant to be able to swim 400 metres in under 9 minutes and have completed a First Aid course. In the year between the SRC and Bronze medallion youth members take part in training activities, patrols, and working with the juniors. After completing the Bronze Medallion their are other awards the member can obtain such as Inflatable Rescue Boat crew and Driver.

Like in the junior program there are competitions in surf sports for all members who wish to participate. Additional training is on offer at various times throughout the week. Surf sports include: swimming, beach sprint, beach flags, boards, ski, surf boats and IRB racing.

Adults: Over 18 years

Adults over 18 years are welcome to get involved in the club either as an active patrolling member, as as an associate volunteering their time in non-life saving activities or as a social member.  The same awards offered to Youth are offered to adults – although usually run a separate group. Adults who have their Bronze Medallion and provide more than 16 hours of service are allowed to compete in all surf sports.

There really is something for everyone at Somerton!