Membership Fees and Awards

On-line Payments

Once you have completed and submitted your on-line membership form (how to join) and you have chosen to pay on-line, simply select the line item by clicking the ‘Add to Cart’ button and a valued shopping cart will appear at the top of the page. After you have added all the items you wish to pay for on-line, click the ‘check Out with PayPal’ button and follow the prompts.

Life Saving Awards Fee
Advanced Resuscitation Techniques Certificate (ARTC) $15.00
Provide First Aid (Senior First Aid) $95.00
Spinal Management Course $17.00
Surf Rescue Certificate (SRC) $15.00
Bronze Medallion (inc manual) (Bronze) $100.00
Bronze Medallion (excl manual) (Bronze) $65.00
Silver Medallion IRB Driver (IRB Driver) $15.00
IRB Crew Certificate (IRB Crew) $15.00