Coastal Pathway update – Surf Club Plaza to commence 29 April

We now have confirmed dates for the start of the work in front of the club which means the ramp will be inaccessible and the club shed will be inaccessible from 29 April to 31 August. The following outlines the impacts and the temporary processes for club members during this time.

There will be no access to the front of the club between April 29 and August 31.

During this time, the beach ramp will be torn up and rebuilt and the paving in front of the club will be removed and the front area redeveloped.

Access to gear stored at the club

All gear that is required for use (or repair) during the off season must be removed from the club by Sunday, April 28.  If it’s not out by then, you will not be able to access it until after September 1 – no exceptions.

If you are storing your own gear at the club and need to access it, you must find somewhere else to store it during the closure period.

Temporary relocation of lifesaving equipment to Somerton Yacht Club for emergency call outs

We will be relocating key lifesaving equipment – including the ATV with beach kit, resus kit, defib, radio, board, tube and IRB – to the Somerton Yacht Club (corner College Road & the Esplanade). It will be kept in the secured yard area in a locked shipping container.  This will ensure that we are rescue ready.

Access to the yacht club yard and shipping container will be via key and will be limited to the Club Captain and the IRB Captain.

Questions or concerns regarding emergency call outs:


IRBs and gear must be removed from the club by Sunday, April 28.  IRB training will be conducted from Somerton Yacht Club from April 29 to August 31. Craig Brown will communicate directly with the IRB team about timings and requirements.

Please note we will NOT have access to the Yacht Club building. There will be an external 15amp power point available, as well as access to a tap. We will need to provide our own hose.

As the Yacht Club is doing us a favour we expect all members accessing their site to be respectful of their property and to adhere to Somerton’s code of conduct. Any questions or inquiries from the public regarding our use of their facility can be directed to Louise Lawson, External Director 0422 211 129.

Surf boats

Any equipment required for training in the off season must be removed from the club by Sunday, April 28. Michael Whitford, Boat Captain will communicate directly with the boat crews about gear requirements and moving it off site.

Access to the club rooms

There will be no access to the building from the western side (beach side). However, there will be access from the eastern/Minda side via swipe card or key.  If you need access or have difficulty with access during the closure period, please speak to Margie Brown, Club Secretary (0408 985 520).

If you are holding a meeting, training or event at the club, you must keep the door between the change room passageway and front stairwell to the bistro open to meet Fire Safety/OH&S requirements.

Access to the gym

Access to the gym during the Coastal Pathway works will be through the eastern/Minda side door via swipe card.  If you have an issue with access please speak to Margie Brown, Club Secretary (0408 985 520). Please remember only patrolling bronze medallion holders that are current financial members of Somerton are permitted to access the gym.

Additionally, there will be a temporary closure to the gym during the Coastal Pathway work to allow for a refresh of the space and equipment thanks to funding from Volunteer Grants 2018. The dates for this are still TBC and will be circulated prior to the temporary closure.


With additional traffic in the area due to the Coastal Pathway the Board of Management has approved an enhancement to the existing security system at the club. This work will be done during the closure. Please be mindful when using the club. Do not to leave doors open or allow others without authorised access to be in the club.

Kiosk Cafe

The Kiosk Cafe will also relocate during this period to the John Miller Reserve (College Road – Whyte Street and the Esplanade). Be sure to go down and say hello to Penny and team!


We will endeavour to keep members as up to date as possible. Please continue to check the closed Facebook page and website for more information.

 Questions or Concerns?

Please email Warwick Holland, President