Iron person training – Saturdays from October 14 – 10am-12pm

Hello and a welcome to the official first week of surf training. As part of the revised program for our senior athletes (u14 and above), iron-person training has been added to the schedule. Please note that this training is specifically for senior members (u14 and above) and is not all ages.

– Runners (on your feet for dry land at the start of each session)
– Wetsuit (if it’s a bit chilly)
– Bathers, towel
– Drink Bottle
– Pink Vest (no hi vis, no training)

There are two other sessions for our senior athletes which are aquatic specific and they are:
Ski training – Tuesday 5.30pm
Board training – Wednesday/ Friday 5.30pm
Ski training – Sunday 8.30am

As part of your commitment to training and improvement, please make every effort to attend all sessions.

If you have any questions, please contact Brad Keighran (0417 809 142).